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    Changing the world and making it better

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    Do you want to live in a big garbage can? Imagine one day when all you see is garbage and the air you breath in stinks, how would you feel? We often throw away things that can be recycled and even throw the trash on the floor. We, human beings, have so many bad habits that are hurting our living environment. What should we do to break these bad habits and make the world a better place?
    First, we have to cherish the resource on earth and learn to appreciate our environment. This can simply be done by reduce, reuse and recycle our garbage. For example, when you have clothes that are too small, please don't throw it away but give it to someone in need. This way we not only reuse the clothes but also help others. To reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, we can go to school by bike, by bus or simply walk. Some scientists say that solar power is the best resource to use, because the power from the sun would not be exhausted. Also, we can put some solar panels on our roof and we can have solar generated electricity! By reducing, reusing and recycling our garbage we can solve the problems of the energy crisis and garbage overload.
    Second, we have to protect other animals on earth. Since we all live together on this planet, I always wonder why these animals are endangered? The truth is, we humans are killers. We kill rhinos for their horns, we murder bears for their palms. We cut down trees, throw away tones of garbage, and prod。
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